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What is the Speedy eComm Solution?


Are your customers waiting by the door for their goods to arrive, from the moment they press pay in the shopping cart? Do you believe that USPS commercial is the most cost-effective way to ship quickly to your customers?

Our Speedy eComm Solution provides you with a more cost and time effective way to ship your product to your customers’ doors throughout the US. Besides ensuring faster shipping, we’ll help protect your brand by offering a fully tracked solution.

How Speedy eComm Works


Speedy Freight collect your goods from your fulfillment location, at a mutually beneficial time, which gives your customers more opportunity to place orders. We transport your goods into one of our chosen carrier’s Injection Points, which ensures USPS only handle your goods for the last stage of their journey. Not only does this mean less touch points along the way, it also means you can track your goods online for longer.


Speedy eComm Benefits for You and Your Customers


Less Touch Points

Injecting into USPS at final delivery stage ensures shipments are touched less, reducing the chance of damage or loss.

Better Transit Times

Injecting into less gateways, your shipment will be delivered faster and more cost-effectively.

Reduced Customer Issues

This comes with more visibility of your shipment and less touch points.

Simple “Customer Dashboard” IT Solution

Utilize our WMS platform or integrate into your current platform.


Increased visibility of your shipments as they go through the supply chain process.

Customer Service

Personalized for you and your business to meet your specific needs.

How the Speedy eComm Solution Compares to USPS


Prices are based on Maximum Length 27”, Height 17”, Length + Girth

50” (Girth = 2W + 2H). Size cannot exceed a dimension over 27” and girth of 50”

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